Happy Chinese New Year — Happy Chinese New Year! We wish everyone health, wealth and happiness in the Year of the Rat. 🧨 🐭 🍽

Hello 2020 — The team at Dine celebrates the new year by launching our new website, along with a long-overdue facelift and many brand new case studies.

New Work — Elpass — We recently designed the icon systems for a brand new password managing app — Elpass, developed by indie developer also our friend Yachen.

New Work — Gaorong Capital — Great to see the work we designed and developed in partnership with Gaorong Capital go live. Check out GaorongVC.com

New Work — RELX — Congrats to the team at RELX on the launch of their new RELX i e-cigarette. It was a pleasure working with such a talented team.

New Work — Trip Monkey — Congrats to our friends at Trip Monkey on the launch of the new brand and the product!

New Work — Matters — Congratulations to the team at Matters on the launch of their new website. The mobile apps are coming soon!

New Work — xCurrency — Big congrats to our friends at Travel Tao on the launch of xCurrency 4.0 and its new marketing site!

New case studies coming soon — We’re actively working on new case studies, please follow us on Instagram and take a sneak peek. 👀