We fell in love with a font called Platform a long, long time ago, and it’s been a loyal friend over the years, and we’ll never forget its subtle curves and mischievous shape. We’re not the ones who are sentimental, but it’s time to move on.

Our eyes were drawn to the GT Ultra Median the moment it was revealed. The playful little head, the smiling mouth, the beady eyes, the rhythm between the letters, oh my, it’s mesmerizing. We immediately heard the “buy me, use me” voice in our heads.

GT Ultra dances between the worlds of sans and serifs, fusing calligraphy and construction. The versatile typographic system combines the centuries-old context of serif type with the dynamism of modern sans; challenging its own definition and questioning contemporary typographic expectation. — Grilli Type

So there you have it, introducing our new logo, based on the GT Ultra Median from Grilli Type, and we hope you love it as much as we do.


New Work — Elpass Website

Elpass website

Elpass website in dark mode

We are excited to share the latest results of our great partnership with Elpass, with a new brand identity and official website.

New Client — SphereEx

We are pleased to announce SphereEx as our newest client. We are honored to have the opportunity to design a first-class brand identity and website for an internationally renowned open source project and a Chinese technology company.

SphereEx builds new distributed data infrastructures, by being fully committed to the open source community, the platform concept, and cutting-edge Big Data technological innovation.

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New Work — Zenzen

New Work — Zenzen

We are passionate about helping visionary entrepreneurs realize their vision through design. Robin is a good friend of ours and a successful serial entrepreneur whose latest venture is to make it easy and enjoyable for everyone to use the calendar with everyone, anytime, anywhere.

We have been fortunate to be involved in all phases of this project, including brand identity and product design. The current form of the product is a Mini Program in WeChat, but please look forward to a richer and more complete form in the future.

Try Zenzen Calendar today

New Work — HIPA Cloud

New Work — HIPA Cloud

We are excited to be working with Michael again on a new brand identity for his new venture, HIPA Cloud. You can read more about the story behind the design in this post.