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At the end of 2011, our two founders Du Xiao and Liu Wei saw the rise of startups and the emergence of the booming mobile app industry, and their need for affordable and professional design services was left unmet. Dine was born, specializing in digital design for early-stage startups. We designed some astonishing products and received broader recognition. As a result, companies big and bigger are seeking creativity support from us.

Meanwhile, we resisted scaling—hiring more people and moving into fancier offices. We stay small to be agile, and many of our clients choose us because of it. We love face to face communication instead of sending account services teams to the clients’ headquarters. It makes the process smooth and flexible, and our clients appreciate it every time.

Product Design

We offer complete cross-platform application design, from the mobile phone screens we use every day to the giant monitors that fill a wall. Whether it's a hardware product running in a box or a web application running in a browser, we can help as long as your product requires a refined user interaction experience.

Marketing Design

We take pride in creating a narrative that brings your site to life and allows both industry insiders and casual visitors to see what you're doing at a glance. We specialize in capturing the best promotional highlights from brands and products and bringing them to life using cutting-edge technology.

Brand Design

Our partners rely on and appreciate our straightforward identity design, and the biggest difference between us and other branding providers is that we are willing to grow with your company and your brand, which may be a simple app icon you require today and a giant screen that fills a plaza tomorrow.


Our in-house developers and strong network of external collaborators ensure the highest accuracy in reproducing our designs and interactions, while using futureproof technologies and architectures to ensure the site is fast, secure, and scalable.

  • Du Xiao

    Du Xiao

    Co-founder, Managing Director Beijing
  • Liu Wei

    Liu Wei

    Co-founder, Creative Director Guangzhou
  • Wang Rui

    Wang Rui

    Project Manager Beijing
  • Meng Xiao

    Meng Xiao

    Technical Director Hangzhou
  • Zhang Youcai

    Zhang Youcai

    Product Designer Guangzhou
  • Huang Ji

    Huang Ji

    Product Designer Chengdu
  • Hou Yao

    Hou Yao

    Front-end Developer Nanjing

How do you hire?

Dine is a partnership. We’re hungry for brilliant partners to join us. Check out our open positions for more info.

How do you work?

From day one, Dine has been a remote team. We have an office in Beijing, but our partners work remotely from wherever they want. We use tools like Figma, Slack, and Zoom to efficiently communicate and collaborate. Our clients seem to be happy with the way we work.

Do you offer unpaid pitches?

Our labor and creativity are our most valuable resources, and we do not offer them for free. However, we do provide free design reviews and non-public case studies for potential clients.

Why is your website in English?

Simply because the quality of Chinese web fonts is not up to our standard, we do not rule out the possibility of switching to Chinese once the technology matures. Please do not hesitate to talk to us in Chinese.


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