New Work — SphereEx

Our unspoken goal has always been to assist world-class Chinese tech companies in designing a brand identity and website that match their stature. SphereEx is one such startup, created by the core team of Apache ShardingSphere to create truly world-class products.

As a client made up of engineers, the process of working together required us to do a lot of learning and research, as well as find the frequency to talk to the technical team and help them bring the vague design ideas in their minds to life.

SphereEx’s website, like G7’s, has a lot of bespoke features, and in the course of constructing it, we established a framework for reusable modern websites for private deployment, and we look forward to opportunities to assist more customers be seen by the world in the future.


New Work — HEM Records

New Work — HEM Records

We are thrilled to announce the HEM record label’s formal debut with musician Liang Huan.

HEM publishes good electronic music. Not limited to electronic dance music, HEM regards all music produced using digital or analog technology as electronic music.

HEM Education is a music producer training program, with training modules written by and course taught by Liang Huan. This program is aimed at beginners without any basic production knowledge to amateur producers who have yet to publish industrial-grade works.

Our collaboration with HEM will be a long-term project in which we will be in charge of all of HEM’s design, from branding to website to album covers, as well as some unexpected ideas.

We’d like to thank the outstanding full-stack engineer Docacola and our very own illustration genius Huang Ji, as well as Liu Wei, who has produced a series of never-before-seen covers for HEM’s artists, and, of course, Mr. Liang Huan, the wicked mastermind who conceived it all.

Listen to HEM Records

New Work — HIPA Cloud 3.0

New Work — HIPA Cloud 3.0

HIPA Cloud 3.0 is one of our biggest projects of the year, and it’s also one of the most complicated and rewarding projects we’ve ever done. Our team went through every part of the project and did a complete redesign, from the marketing website to the design system, which we are proud to call one of our best works.

We are proud to have worked with the team at HIPA Cloud, and we are in awe of their execution and attention to detail. Their actions have convinced us that this is truly the next generation of collaborative work software.

Experience HIPA Cloud 3.0 Today

We fell in love with a font called Platform a long, long time ago, and it’s been a loyal friend over the years, and we’ll never forget its subtle curves and mischievous shape. We’re not the ones who are sentimental, but it’s time to move on.

Our eyes were drawn to the GT Ultra Median the moment it was revealed. The playful little head, the smiling mouth, the beady eyes, the rhythm between the letters, oh my, it’s mesmerizing. We immediately heard the “buy me, use me” voice in our heads.

GT Ultra dances between the worlds of sans and serifs, fusing calligraphy and construction. The versatile typographic system combines the centuries-old context of serif type with the dynamism of modern sans; challenging its own definition and questioning contemporary typographic expectation. — Grilli Type

So there you have it, introducing our new logo, based on the GT Ultra Median from Grilli Type, and we hope you love it as much as we do.


New Work — Elpass Website

We are excited to share the latest results of our great partnership with Elpass, with a new brand identity and official website.