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G7 believes that innovative IoT solutions will inject new vitality into the big yet traditional road freight industry. Data and algorithms will work like magic to save the lives of countless truckers, reduce fossil fuel consumption, and lower the average cost.

We helped G7 revamp its branding to reflect the company's technological image better. We also assisted them in showcasing the advanced features of their products more engagingly while presenting these compelling highlights with a modern, highly scalable website that makes the technical details more accessible to a broader audience.


A clearer brand identity

G7 is an industry-leading IoT technology provider in China, breathing new life into the old, large, and traditional road freight industry. As part of our great partnership, in addition to branding and website design, we also worked closely with the G7 team to help them find a new brand voice. We used high-quality photos and video footages to create an introductory video for G7 to showcase the company's enterprising image.
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Simplify to clarify

Color is critical to a brand, but too much color can be overwhelming for users on the one hand and create challenges for the marketing communications team on the other. So we helped G7 redefine its brand identity by removing too many colors to highlight the brand's personality. At the same time, we designed a whole system of icons that fit the brand's tone and help users quickly understand the technical points to be explained on the website.
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Engaging storytelling

For professional industry websites usually use a lot of jargon to show their high level of sophistication. We didn't think this was a good way to tell a story. Instead, we created a series of 3D animations for G7, including components that users could interact with, to explain complex concepts in a way that everyone could understand. We used industry-leading technical architecture and a component-based design to ensure the site was maintainable and scalable.
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