Hipacloud 3.0 is one of our biggest projects of the year, and it’s also one of the most complicated and rewarding projects we’ve ever done. Our team went through every part of the project and did a complete redesign, from the marketing website to the design system, which we are proud to call one of our best works.

Hipacloud was founded in 2019, acquired by ByteDance at the end of 2021, and ceased service six months later.

Hipacloud Hipacloud

It all starts from a square

When you think about it, as the new generation of collaborative work software that replaced Excel, the fundamental element is still a square, the smallest unit in a cell. The difference is that a square represents just one cell of data in Excel, whereas, in Hipacloud, there are infinite possibilities. The meaning of this square inspired our brand design, and our brand identity for Hipacloud is a three-dimensional square or a frame. However, it is more like a container through which one can see the infinite possibilities of the future of collaborative work.
Hipacloud Hipacloud Hipacloud

Building blocks, not Jenga

In addition to the marketing site, we were also responsible for Hipacloud's product design and, more specifically, creating a complete design system, which was previously based on Palantir's Blueprint component library. The new design system brings more extensions and expansions based on the brand concept. For example, we introduced more vibrant colors and a unique and recognizable icon system to change the look of the old enterprise SaaS. If the previous component system was a wobbly set of Jenga, the new design system is the stable building block that offers infinite combinations of possibilities.
Hipacloud Hipacloud Hipacloud Hipacloud

Imaginative presentation

We were responsible for the narrative and presentation of the marketing site, replacing the traditional sales approach of stacking features, and we used real, concrete examples so that users could see what a productivity leap could be made with Hipacloud. In presenting these examples, we used a novel presentation approach that blended 2D and 3D styles, and we created interactive animations and videos that gave us more room to play with and more room for the user to imagine.
Hipacloud Hipacloud
Hipacloud Hipacloud