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Yahaha is a low code platform for metaverse games. With Yahaha, creators are part of an exciting new social experience.

Yahaha’s new website is our most challenging project yet. This endeavor pushed us beyond our usual limits, blending intricate narrative with advanced tech features. We crafted a site that not only showcases Yahaha's cutting-edge gaming technology but also sets a new standard for what’s possible in digital design.

Pushing boundaries

Yahaha’s website stands as a milestone for us, being our most ambitious and complex project to date in both narrative design and front-end development. Not only did we have to innovate in storytelling, but we also had to adapt and learn new technological approaches. The goal was clear: to create a user experience that does justice to Yahaha's groundbreaking technology in the gaming industry. This meant leaving our comfort zones to experiment with novel forms and visual effects, ultimately allowing us to present a digital experience as dynamic and revolutionary as Yahaha itself.

Crafting the scene

When it came to scene design, the challenges were manifold. Yahaha’s expansive asset library presented both an opportunity and a hurdle—how do we sift through the haystack to find the perfect needle? After combing through countless assets, we finally settled on a scene that flawlessly encapsulates Yahaha's product essence. To bring this vision to life, our team designed a myriad of game elements and animations, employing tools like Blender and Unity. The complexity of the project also led us to explore new efficiencies; we harnessed the power of AI to automatically generate Blender scripts, a move that significantly ramped up our productivity.

Balancing act

Creating a visually stunning yet highly functional website required a mastery of various technologies. We heavily relied on WebGL for its ability to bring 3D designs to life with unparalleled accuracy. But the visual feast didn’t stop there. Our team also worked tirelessly to integrate videos and interactive features, adding layers of depth to the user experience. These elements had to be carefully calibrated to ensure a harmonious balance between aesthetic appeal and website performance. Here's where Rive came into play, allowing us to fine-tune this balance, delivering a site that's as smooth in function as it is rich in content.