HEM Records

Year 2021

Link hem.fm

Services Branding Marketing

HEM publishes good electronic music. Not limited to electronic dance music, HEM regards all music produced using digital or analog technology as electronic music.

Our collaboration with HEM will be a long-term project in which we will be in charge of all of HEM’s design, from branding to website to album covers, as well as some unexpected ideas.

hem-1 hem-2

We’re on Arena

As we mentioned before, our partnership with HEM will continue for the foreseeable future, and we will continue to design beautiful album covers for talented independent Chinese music producers.

Stay tuned to our Arena channel, where we will continue to update the latest album cover designs. For more behind-the-scenes footage, please follow us on Instagram.

Some of the images are from Unsplash, and we would like to thank their creators.

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